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Lynda com Building Android and iOS Applications with Flex 英文版 DVD 出品的時長5小時25分鐘的 使用 Flex 構建 Android 和 iOS 應用程序 視頻教程。由James Talbot演示了開發者是如何設計和部署Android與iOS智能手機平臺上的移動應用程序。借助Flash Builder軟件的開發工具和Flex框架加快應用程序的開發,結合移動設備構建ActionScript skin(皮膚)。內容還包括手機專用API,內存優化和數據連慣性,在Android Market、 iOS App Store和Amazon Marketplace上發布應用程序。本教程附帶練習文件。
Course name: Building Android and iOS Applications with Flex
Author: James Talbot
Duration: 05h 25m
Released on: 7/14/2011
Building Android and iOS Applications with Flex shows developers how to design and deploy mobile applications for the Android and iOS smartphone platforms. Leveraging the capabilities of Flash Builder and the Flex framework, author James Talbot sheds light on architecting applications, incorporating mobile components, and building ActionScript skins. The course also covers mobile-specific APIs; optimizing memory and data connectivity; and submitting apps to the Android Market, the iOS App Store, and the Amazon Marketplace. Exercise files accompany the course.
Topics include:
Installing Adobe AIR and the Android SDK
Creating a project using only ActionScript
Understanding device configurations and debugging
Testing applications with emulators
Maximizing screen real estate with the View Navigator classes
Styling a tabbed application
Loading HTML into a mobile application
Using gestures, Multi-Touch, geolocation, and the accelerometer
Setting up Flex project libraries to reuse code
Packaging and distributing an app