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Acousticas Lexicon L300 IR Library 英文正式版(音效素材)

It was quite a challenge to sample the 300 and make it sound like the 300.
It has an ocean of modulation sources, which made it hard to capture, but
via new proprietary sampling and post-processing methods we believe to have
captured the "beast" the best possible way. Some claim the Lexicon 300 is
the best sounding reverb of all time. It precedes the legendary 480 which
has been heard on countless records.

Although, the 480 is supposed to be a dual engine version of the L300, many
claim that in never reaches the warmth of the L300, in some ways comparable
to the difference between the 480 and the 960 - we agree.

The Acousticas "version" of the 300 comes with 140 raw impulses. All of
which, have been post processed, in order to match the Lexicon 300 sound.


Altiverb, Revolver, TL Space, IR1 & IRL, Space Designer, Kontakt 2, Kontakt3
& Structure.

The library is supplied in interleaved stereo wave file format and is
compatible with any convolution device capable of reading such