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TrainSignal Windows 7 Deployment Training 英文版 DVD

TrainSignal出品的Windows 7安裝部署視頻教程。
內容:全面學習需要將Windows7安裝部署在小型或企業級環境中的技巧。由微軟認證導師Rhonda Layfield主講長達16多個小時的3DVD教學中,提供實際操作創建與配置圖片,學習如何利用Microsoft部署工具包,Windows部署服務(WDS),輕量級接觸安裝(Light Touch Installation)和零接觸安裝(Zero touch installation)等等!還涵蓋了你需要通過微軟認證考試70-681 - 部署Windows 7和Office 2010的基礎知識。

Teaches You the Skills You’ll Need to Deploy Windows 7 in a Small or Enterprise Level Environment.

You’ll Work Hands-On to Create and Configure Images and Learn How to Utilize the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Windows Deployment Services (WDS), Lite-Touch & Zero Touch Installation, and Much More! Plus, Learn What You’ll Need to Know to Pass the 70-681 Exam!
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