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Digital Tutors Exploring NURBS in Maya 2012 英文版 CD

由Digital Tutors 公司出品的Digital Tutors Exploring NURBS in Maya 2012 教程,Maya 2012探索NURBS曲面建模教程。2011年8月1號釋放

教程所使用的軟件:Maya 2012

Maya 是目前世界上最為優秀的三維動畫的制作軟件之一,主要是為了影視應用而研發的,所以在出世后不久就在《精靈鼠小弟》、《恐龍》等這些大片中一展身手。除了影視方面的應用外Maya在三維動畫制作,影視廣告設計,多媒體制作甚至游戲制作領域都有很出色的表現。初識Maya 是目前世界上最為優秀的三維動畫的制作軟件之一,它是Alias|Wavefront公司在1998年才推出的三維制作軟件。雖然相對于其他老牌三維制作軟件來說Maya還是一個新生兒,但Maya憑借其強大的功能,友好的用戶界面和豐富的視覺效果,一經推出就引起了動畫和影視界的廣泛關注,成為頂級的三維動畫制作軟件。


In this course we will discuss the basics of using NURBS geometry in our modeling workflow. NURBS stands for Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline, but they are much more useful to a 3d artist than the name might indicate.

In this series of lessons we’ll get up to speed on NURBS geometry and talk about some of the ways it can be used in our modeling workflows. We’ll begin by talking about the basic NURBS building blocks and look at the different NURBS components that can be manipulated to get the shapes we want. We'll cover methods for creating curves, the framework of NURBS objects. We'll then explore many of the ways that we can use curves to create different types of NURBS objects, from revolving to extruding and lofting. We'll also talk about using trimmed surfaces to create complex cut-outs and we'll discuss NURBS parameterization. In addition, we'll look at ways of attaching and detaching curves and surfaces, combining objects with Booleans, and methods of blending together multiple objects. In the end, you'll have a better idea of what NURBS geometry is and how you can start to integrate it into your modeling workflow.


1. Introduction and project overview
2. What are NURBS?
3. Using NURBS primitives
4. Creating curves
5. Creating surfaces
6. NURBS parameters
7. Working with trims
8. Combining curves and surfaces
9. Using Booleans
10. Blending multiple surfaces
11. Texturing NURBS objects
12. Stitching patches together