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In ZBrush 4 Essential Training, Ryan Kittleson introduces ZBrush to artists making a transition from another sculpting program or who may just need some help with the finer points of this powerful digital arts package. The course covers the most popular tools and techniques for digital painting and sculpting in Zbrush, and explains how to export the models and texture maps to other programs for use in games, film, fine art, or 3D printing. The course also highlights the new features in ZBrush 4, such as ShadowBox, clip brushes, and LightBox. Exercise files are included with the course.

Topics include:

Navigating the canvas
Using perspective and floor
Creating a mesh with a ZSketch
Extracting from an existing mesh
Managing subdivision levels
Working with alphas
Masking off parts of a model
Using deformation
Using subtools
Deforming with Transpose
Painting and texturing
Creating UV maps